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The Samuel L. Felton Jr. Community Development Program Inc. (CDP) is dedicated to servicing the youth of our community. Our program guides them through their transition from middle childhood to young adulthood, providing education and life skills mentoring along with access to organized sports programs which will lead them to become productive citizens.

The ultimate goal of the Samuel Felton Jr. CDP Inc. is to make a positive change in our community by improving the opportunities for our youth to be successful academically and develop the life skills to become productive citizens. The Samuel Felton CDP Inc. created the A+ Program to serve as the focus for education and life skills mentoring within the organization. Currently there is no paid staff, but there is a committed volunteer group that runs the organization. The goal is to develop a comprehensive program with support from the schools, the court system, and ultimately the federal government that addresses what our at-risk youth need: academic support to increase their school success, life skills mentoring by members of their own community who understand their challenges and have risen above those challenges in their own lives, and participation in sports to train their bodies and minds in self discipline and the importance of hard work.

We understand that Lorain City School District have the primary responsibility for children’s formal education. We believe that the academic achievement of youth is influenced by people and institutions outside of the school walls. Families, communities and after-school programs, particularly athletics, have a profound impact on children’s learning. All of these institutions have a collective responsibility to the academic development of children.